A Pocket Guide for Golfers: Great Tips, Trivia, and Humor
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A Pocket Guide for Golfers: Great Tips, Trivia, and Humor

Rick Graves, Terry Glaspey

PGA member Rick Graves and author and confirmed hacker Terry Glaspey lead golfers through a collection of great golf tips, jokes, and trivia complete with a mini hall of fame of the best courses, players, and competitions. In addition to 52 amazingly simple secrets to better golf, readers will discover lists as valuable as an expert caddy:

  • 10 tips for better putting
  • 9 bad shots: their cause and cure
  • 9 character qualities you can develop by playing golf
  • 10 things to consider when planning a shot
  • 10 best excuses for why you played poorly

This compact book is sized small to tuck into the golf bag but packed full of tidbits and humor to entertain golfers, game enthusiasts, and fans. Even those who have never hit the green will understand why this sport is a hole in one.

Rerelease of The Hacker's Almanac

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