The Golf Magazine Golfer's Handbook
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The Golf Magazine Golfer's Handbook

Peter Morrice
The Golf Magazine Golfer's Handbook provides just what you need to improve your game, with expert insight from the editors of the authority in golf publications.
Complete with helpful photographs and sidebars, the handbook is indispensable reading for both the novice and expert golfer, and is sure to take strokes off your game, whether you're working on your full swing, your short game, or your putting.
Learn how to:
- Find your best grip
- Aim and align
- Customize your ball position
- Develop a preshot routine
- Watch your speed
- Find "the slot"
- Swing an inverted club
- Decide when not to chip
- and much more!

For golfers of all ages and abilities, The Golf Magazine's Golfer Handbook is the one book you can't be without.

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